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Visiting Calvelo in the borough whose seat is the noble town of Ponte de Lima, is an experience that appeals to the emotions. During the journey to the parish where the wines of Casa das Buganvílias are produced, the abundance of green hues presented by the landscape produces an effect of smooth freshness to which you cannot remain indifferent. Nature gives the traveller from Galicia or Oporto a long, gentle hug in a unique poetic image of grateful memory.
Calvelo is situated at the foot of do Monte de S. Veríssimo to the south of the borough. The parish church, formerly a Benedictine convent and later a centuries-old abbey, is situated at the foot of an elevation where the Quinta da Boavista is located, also known as Casa das Buganvílias. The vineyards traced out by the property are evenly spread around the slope, served by state-of-the-art technology and the best wine-growing practices. At the top of the estate, like a vantage point stretching our gaze to the width of the valley, you will find the house whose name the wine takes, bedecked in lush branches of bougainvillea on the main elevation.